7 tips for a warmer home - Part 1

RST’s 7 tips for a warmer home

 Save on your energy bills this winter

Are you feeling the cold snap as the winter months approach? Ready to crank the heating up? Wait…stop! There are a number of straightforward energy-saving measures that you can put in place to give the same results at a much lower cost.


Making a difference on a budget


“Put an extra layer on” is what you might often hear, but we don’t even think that this should be needed; our homes should be able to keep us warm before it gets to this.


Take a look at our 7 steps below to improve the energy efficiency of your home, whilst reducing your monthly bills.


1.       Draught-proof your home


The energy saving trust found that around 46 percent of people do not have sufficient draught proofing in their windows and doors


The Cost: The cost of installing good quality draught proofing is estimated to be around £85 to £275 for a full house.


The Saving: Sufficient draft proofing could save between £85 and £275 a year on energy bills


2.       Insulate your pipes


The water that heats your home via your central heating system all travels along the same piping which, if not insulated, is an opportunity for heat to escape and efficiency to fall. As well as improving efficiency, insulation on any external piping is also a safety measure,preventing pipes from bursting.


The Cost: Pipe insulation is a relatively straightforward DIY job. Insulating foam can be purchased from local DIY stores at a very low cost of - around £2 a metre.


The Saving: More significant than the £10 annual saving on heating bills is the reduced risk of a burst pipe, which would be very costly indeed.


3.       Upgrade your heating controls


Gone are the days where empty rooms or properties had to be heated unnecessarily. With modern heating controls, schedules can be set by the owner to fall in with their lifestyles.

Along with an upgraded thermostat, TRVs (Thermostatic Radiator Valves) can be installed to allow the homeowner to control the temperature of their homes, one room at a time.

Available at a significantly discounted price for qualifying homes, RST offer Hive Heating Controls with every boiler install. Find out if you qualify for funding today: https://www.rstboilers.co.uk/apply


The Cost: The cost of installing modern heating controls can vary dependent on the product,and installer. The best thing to do would be to get a number of quotes from professional installers, and pick the controls that suit your needs, or speak to us today.


The Saving: Simply installing controls to your heating system could save over £100 a year on energy bills if you currently do not have any of the measures installed.


4.       Get a new boiler


As with most things in life, technology is advancing at a rapid rate, bringing in more efficient ways of doing things. Like anything else, this applies to boilers. Modern Boilers, such as the Worcester Greenstar or Viessman Vitodens range have efficiency ratings of around 95%, whereas a boiler that is 20 years old will be around 60% efficient.


The Cost:  Again,the cost of replacing your boiler for a brand new one will vary dependent on your boiler of choice, installer, and other factors. There is, however, an answer. Thanks to the Government backed ECO scheme, funding is available to improve the energy efficiency of home across the UK – this funding could cover the FULL cost of the boiler and any installation works involved.

See if you qualify for funding, and how much you may be entitled to, by applying with RST today: https://www.rstboilers.co.uk/apply


The Saving: This is one of the most effective methods of reducing energy bills, and since water & heating account for around 55% of what homeowners spend on energy bills, there is a big saving to be made.


The table below outlines typical efficiency of boilers depending on their age:

Over 25 years old: 60% efficient

20 years old: 70% efficient

15 years old: 80% efficient

10+ years old: 85% efficient


So what does that mean? If you have annual heating bills of say £800, with a 70% efficient boiler, upgrading to a new 95% efficient boiler will save you 25% of that …that’s £200 a year!


Stay tuned for part 2 of our blog for three more cost saving, home warming measures that you can implement today!

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