Couple Save £15000 By Refusing To Switch On Their Heating for 10 years

Despite some freezing British winters, Joanne and Jim Bell managed by keep warm by wearing extra layers of clothing.

A couple say they have saved £15,000 after refusing to use their central heating for 10 years.

No matter how cold it gets Joanne and Jim Bell manage by keep warm by layering up and using hot water bottles.

The couple, from Yelland in Devon, claim they save about £1,500 a year and recently spent £1,000 of that money on  live concerts by Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

Mrs Bell said:

"It feels uncomfortable when I'm in other people's houses now. It's too warm for me.
Our heating bills used to be about £1,500 a year so we've saved thousands over 10 years.It can't be that bad because neither of us has been ill in that time."

As a wildlife lover she made the decision to switch off in protest because of the damage wind turbines were causing to local birds.Mrs Bell explained:

"I'm a wildlife lover and when I saw so many birds being killed by the blades of the wind turbines popping up everywhere I just felt I wanted to do something.
Now I don't know any different - I'm so used to it."

Although they have saved thousands of pounds the couple admit this isn't for everybody.

"If you have sick or elderly relatives you simply couldn't do it - or if you have young children it wouldn't be possible.
It can't be that bad because neither of us has been ill in that time."

When it gets especially cold the couple layer up and use hot water bottles but say walking their dogs keeps them warm.

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