Employee Of the Month - November 2018


This month's Employee Of The Month award goes to

Emma Allison

Emma isn't too keen on being the centre of attention and might bury her head under her desk with this announcement. However there isn't anybody more deserving of the title this month than Emma.

Craig Faulkner - Director Of Operations had this to say about her performance this month

Emma has really gone above and beyond in the month of November, balancing 2 roles at once.We had a staff absence for 2 weeks due to illness and Emma happily stepped into the role of purchasing with no resistance. Communication between herself and the install team was 2nd to none, Emma has taken on board expectations and implemented them into her role, this month. Emma has really stood out from the crowd and I’m hoping this recognition shows you that her efforts haven’t gone un-noticed….. Well Done Emma!

The team all see how hard Emma works. She might sometimes seem a little flustered from all of the plates that she is spinning but the girl rarely drops any and maintains the highest level of customer care at all times. She is great with the customers and always calm in her attempts to get the desired outcome from any problems that arise.

This month we also have a recognition award for our installer

Derek Travers

What a month for Derek, with 100% customer satisfaction and impressive feedback from Paul Jones on Technical Monitoring. Derek has been a fantastic installer so far on Eco 3, and long my it continue.  

A huge well done guys, you're doing us proud!

Keep up the amazing efforts

Last Month's Employee Of The Month Paul Jones has very kindly donated his gift to the raffle for our chosen charity HSP. Paul said that homelessness is a very serious issue and one that he holds close to his heart for personal reasons.

Paul, you are an absolute star!!!! You make us so proud :)

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