Handy Tips To Prepare Your Home For Heavy Snow

Sure the snow is fun for a little while but how can we prepare our home for the problems that arise with heavy snowfall?

S'no joke.....it's cold

Make Sure To Get Your Boiler Serviced

If you didn't get your boiler serviced in the summer then try to get it booked in as soon as can and before any really cold weather hits.

Increase Your Insulation

Of course proper loft insulation is a big help when the weather’s especially cold, and now we can help with your loft insulation too. To find out more about our loft insulation grants follow the link below

Loft Insulation Grants

If your loft insulation is already fitted and topped up then consider weatherproofing any gaps around your windows and doors with weather stripping tape — you can get this at most DIY stores. Or use plastic insulation backing on your windows to keep the cold out and your energy bills down.

Fix Problem Roof Tiles And Chimneys

It is important to maintain your roof's stability and condition. Your roof is the first point of contact from the elements and if it isn't kept in good condition then it may be at risk of cracking or caving under heavy snow conditions. If you haven't taken care of your roof and this is to happen then you may find that your insurance will not pay it.

Clear Your Gutters

Be sure to clear out any build up of debris that has gathered in your guttering as once the snow falls, the added weight may well put a strain on your guttering and lead to breakages or leaks.

Turn Up The Temperature On The Thermostat

Even if it's just just a touch.Try and have your heating come on for at least a part of every day during the cold months, even if you’re not home. This will keep your system ticking over nicely.

Protect Your Pipes

To stop your pipes from freezing cover them with insulated tubing. Check and fix any leaky taps as even a small drip can cause big problems.

Prepare Yourself For No Heating

Make sure you have plenty of sleeping bags, blankets and warm clothes/coats at home as in the unlikely even that you are left without any heating at all due to the snow you will need them to keep yourself and your family warm.

Make A Car Kit

Pack some de-icer, a scraper, some wiper fluid and antifreeze in case you need to get somewhere by car in the snow. Make sure to have a set of jump leads too! It’s a good idea to keep some food, water and a blanket or two in your car too. Have a torch on hand, and always take your phone and a charger with you when you leave.

Look Out For Each Other

Keep a close eye on elderly relatives and neighbours, knock on their door and see that they are ok. Also it might be best to bring inside any pets as they feel the cold too and aren't able to wrap up like we can. When walking outdoors always be mindful that the floor can be very slippy, avoid accidents by taking your time and only walking on slippy paths when completely necessary.

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