How to make Trustpilot work for your business

What is Trustpilot?

Trustpilot, the consumer review website founded in Denmark in 2007 and now a well established and trusted household name. With almost 1 million new reviews added each month, Business Owners are feeling the pressure to maintain a a good review score. But are Trustpilot helpful when it comes to fake or damaging reviews left by customers?

We've all done it, bought something, used a service and experienced bad customer service. The thing is, people only tend to review a service if they have had a bad experience. We are less likely to want to tell the world about our good experience. Back in the day you would have to write a letter to complain to the company and often you would be left disappointed with little response. But in today's world you can easily leave a review of your experience on a public platform for all future customers to see. This is great as a consumer and often gets results but how is this working out for Business Owners?

How does a Trustpilot score affect business?

At Renewable Solutions we offer Government Grants on the ECO3 Scheme. These grants are used to fund the replacement of an old boiler with a brand new Worcester Bosch boiler. That's great right?

The problem is, some people who apply for our services do not qualify on the scheme. Although this is totally out of our hands and we are only able to qualify people following strict guidelines set by the Government we often find ourselves on the receiving end of applicants frustrations.

We have a very good customer care team who are on hand to fully explain the qualifying criteria in full and to assist with alternative arrangements. But we can't escape the fact that we are unable to help some people. As much as we'd like to.

Recently we were made aware of our Trustpilot score and it wasn't looking good. We tried to liaise with Trustpilot and remove some fake reviews that we managed to filter out. These reviews were left by people who were never customers of ours. They had never used our service, we had no idea who they were, yet their review remains. This was frustrating but we went away and looked at how we could improve our services.

How can you improve your Trustpilot rating?

We realised that Trustpilot were very quick to reinstate the flagged fraudulent reviews as genuine and we almost felt like we were fighting a losing battle. As the score dropped we realised that the only way to improve our score was to flood our reviews with happy customer reviews. We worked on our customer service process and also looked at ways to encourage happy customers to review us.

So we made a start. We introduced a brand new Aftercare service, we involved the whole team and made every employee understand the importance of our Trustpilot review score. Every customer that is installed with us receives an Aftercare call were they are free to voice any concerns, raise any issues or faults with the work carried out at their home. Most of the calls made are received with appreciation and warmth. People like to be checked up on, just a simple

'How did it go?'

'Is everything ok for you?'

Once implemented, the aftercare system helped us to greatly improve our Trustpilot review score. We realised that our customers like to be updated and we are making changes to our process to achieve this. All aftercare calls are recorded and notes are left on each customers account. If one of our team receives a call from a happy customer, they are sent through to our Aftercare team were we kindly ask if they would like to leave us a Trustpilot review as this helps to spread awareness of the scheme to those who are a little doubtful or unsure.

So is Trustpilot good for business?

Renewable Solutions and Trustpilot have had a roller coaster relationship up to now. We have at times felt let down by the team over at Trustpilot and would like a little extra care to be taken over fraudulent reviews......HOWEVER...

Since we raised the awareness of our Trustpilot page to our team, not only has our score improved but so has our service. We realised from our reviews where we were able to improve and took the steps needed to get us exactly where we want to be. We have so many happy customers leaving fantastic reviews daily and the team are excited as we approach our 5* rating.

A Trustpilot 5* rating is a fantastic achievement for any Business. Many consumers use Trustpilot before any purchase is made and it seems to us that the only way to ensure a good review score is to ensure that your customers are happy. Things go wrong in any company, mistakes happen, unforeseen circumstances arise, staff call in sick, but we are working every day to keep our customers happy and Trustpilot is helping us to show future customers how amazing we are :)

Our Verdict

So after a turbulent start, we are happy to use Trustpilot as it spreads awareness of what we do.

Trustpilot is GOOD for business as they encourage you to improve your services and show you the areas in which you need to improve. We would just like a little more from Trustpilot when we report fake/fraudulent reviews. Some of these are genuinely unfair and damaging.

Actually................can you leave a review on Trustpilot for Trustpilot??

Yes, yes you we did and our comments were removed by Trustpilot 🤔

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