RST Choose Their Partner Charity HSP

Today we are excited to announce Renewable Solutions Team have partnered with The Homeless Support Project based in Leigh.

Our Managing Director James McLaughlin made the decision to support a local charity after some research in to a number of charities across the UK. The decision was made to support HSP based on the location and size of the charity. We believe that as a company we can have a much bigger and more positive impact on a smaller charity than we would be able to on a larger, more established charity. We want the work that we do here in the office to be of noticeable benefit to those in need and we are excited about all of the fundraising ideas we have for the future.

The Homeless Support Project is a registered charity based in Leigh, Lancashire. They provide shelter, food and supplies to the homeless people in Leigh and the surrounding areas. The project is run by Lynn, Paul and Gemma. These people give their continuous time to providing as much help and support to the service users as possible.

Meetings have been held with Lynn, Paul and Gemma to discuss the partnership and to work out what RST can offer them. We have offered our marketing team to the project. They will be on hand for HSP to contact for support with their website and social media platforms. RST have designed a brand new and fully functional website for HSP and training will be offered to the team at HSP so that they can maintain the new website at their office. The new website will have an online shop facility, giving them the ability to sell their products from their shop in Leigh to their web following. There are also donate buttons throughout. Hopefully enticing website visitors to help with any size of donations. We are also hoping to be able to offer training facilities in the very near future to service users looking to gain skills that will set them on the right path to employment. Our mascot Reggie The Panda will also be collecting for HSP when he's out on the road. We will be selling photo keyrings to families for a donation to HSP.

We are looking forward to seeing Lynn, Paul and Gemma at our Christmas Party this year. We have invited the three of them so that they can meet the team and tell everybody a little bit about the work that they do. And treat them to a nice night off for all of the hard work that they do every day.

As well as marketing help and support we will be fundraising throughout the year with all funds raised going to the Homeless Support Project. We've already made a start with our dress up for Halloween event where members of staff dressed up and enjoyed Halloween themed cakes and nibbles in the canteen. It's fantastic for us as a company to be able to get involved in such a positive project. All fundraising ideas are welcomed so if you have any then please let us know? Do you want to see our director jump out of a plane? OR would you like to have our team clean your car on our car park?

Whatever your ideas, let us know!

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