Welcome To The Team, Emma

Emma is our new HR & Recruitment Officer. She brings with her a wealth of experience in Recruitment, Customer Services and describes her last role with her previous employer as an 

'All rounder' 

We are looking forward to getting to know Emma and all of the knowledge that she brings with her.

Emma lives at home with her 5 year old son. They have some pet fish and Emma recently had to go on a rescue mission to save an escapee from underneath the washing machine when she was cleaning them out. 

I asked Emma how her friends and family would describe her, 

'Erm, Bubbly, Outgoing, Crazy....Possibly Mental and I like a Gin & Tonic'

You need to be a little bit crazy to fit in here Emma, I think we will all get along just fine. And I'll meet you at the bar on the Christmas Party for a Gin or two.

Emma has enjoyed her first day, she says the staff have been welcoming and she enjoyed lunch out with some of the guys from the office today.

After we were "interrupted" by the Director Of Operations, Craig Faulkner, Emma told me that she is looking forward to the exciting changes planned in the near future for the company and believes she's joined us at the right time!

When asked if she has any 'Hot Buttons' and what little things annoy her she told me that she's quite laid back and doesn't really have any..... yet.


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