Welcome To The Team Mark

We are excited to welcome to the team Mark. Mark is our new Account Manager and will be joining Matt and David in the main office. These guys will be there to accompany new customers on their application journey. One of our account managers will be assigned to each new applicant meaning that throughout the service the customer will be speaking to somebody who is up to date with where they are up to.

Mark has been with us for just over a week now and when asked how his time here has been so far he told me that he can't wait to get stuck in to the role. He says he likes the relaxed atmosphere but also the way that everybody has their roles and understands the tasks that need to be completed.

As a new Daddy to 2 week old Freddie he is learning the ropes of fatherhood and loving every second. He left his role at his previous place of work based in Liverpool where he had spent 13 years to be here in Leigh with his new family.

He says that his family would describe him as a laugh, always up for some fun and easy going. So when asked what his 'Hot Buttons' are he explained that he doesn't like when people don't use their manners.

Over the next 12 months, Mark is looking forward to developing his skills in his new role and hoping to be making a big contribution to the team. At home Mark is hoping that the next 12 months, he will learn how to be the best Daddy that he can be

Well we are very happy to have you on board Mark - Although after a very early inside joke some of us may forever call you Gary

Welcome Gary

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