Will I Get A Completely Free Boiler?

How Is My Grant Amount Calculated?

When you apply for a grant through the ECO3 scheme, we use your property information to calculate the amount which you will receive. Simply put, your benefits are what we use to qualify you to receive a grant and your home is used to determine how much of the grant you will receive.

Lots of properties receive the full amount and qualify for the full grant. We install completely free boilers in properties across the UK.

What We Use To Calculate Your Grant Amount?

Property type - Detached, Semi-Detached etc

Number of bedrooms - More bedrooms = more funding

Wall type - Solid brick, cavity etc

We also take you through a survey estimate calculator based on the number of rooms, radiators and TRV's in place in your property. We have an obligation to ensure that the grant is used to heat your home to 100%.

Our estimated contributions are in place to give you an idea of any additional costs that may arise upon completion of your free no obligation survey with us.

Can You Give Me An Example?

OK, for example ....

Example 1 - If you live in a 4 bedroom, semi-detached property with solid brick walls and every room in the house has a radiator already in place with all TRV's present and a flue that exits the house through a wall rather than the roof then you would qualify for the full grant amount and you wouldn't have to pay anything towards your boiler (subject to survey)

Example 2 - If you live in a 3 bedroom, end terrace property with solid brick walls and every room has a radiator already in place and all TRV's present with a flue exiting the property through a side wall rather than out of the roof then you would have a contribution to pay of £140 (subject to survey)

What If I Can't Afford The Contribution?

We are aware that sometimes a new boiler is essential to your families needs. Especially with winter approaching and so we want to make sure that you get the most from the funding available for you. We would hate for you to miss out on the funding available and so we offer a NO INTEREST 12 months finance plan if over £250

If you would like to know more and see what YOU are entitled to then APPLY BELOW


Ready to Apply?

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